SUN new http injector ehi config - valid one month date expire

new ehi config http injector - SUN

Sun http injector ehi configs

The top latest http injector config file ehi, created this month for SUN users - stable on mobile network connection with ability to share your internet over wifi without root access which mean this ehi config file is supporting rooted and none rooted devices with no limitation.


  • low ping..
  • fast download - any file type (excluding torrent files)..
  • Fast internet browsing..
  • Very good for: telegram, wechat, whatsapp, youtube and other social media platform.
  • Online gaming - stable connection
  • support wifi share - share your internet with other devices.
download config files

how import ehi config file on http injector

First download your ehi config file from the link provided .
go to your http injector app and start it
on top three dots select import config..
then proceed to where you have downloaded SUN ehi config file.
select your ehi config file, it will be automatically imported to http injector app.

download sun ehi config file one month

Here re the http injector config file for sun on usa server with direct download link for both config file.

SUN new config

1. 30 DAYS USA server
Download ehi config sun (1) 2. 30 DAYS USA server 2 Download ehi config sun (2)

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ehi config