A new updates MTN | http injector configs plus sparkvpn files

new MTN ehi config

updated MTN ehi config, new

Here are four config files for http injector (ehi) and sparkvpn config files work fine and faster, browse internet on your browser:

  • Download whatever
  • use whatsapp - Download and upload media and files
  • Use facebook and other social media platform, anistagram, reddit .. etc ..

sparkvpn config files

Here We shared mtn .svc configs files which work very well, stable and fast for spark vpn app, you ncan use any file you want, as you like, all tested on mtn.

http injector configs

With this new mtn payload on singapore ssh server you can browse free internet using the following http injector config file created this year with new host.

Download links for ehi config and svc file - spark vpn

MTN http injector ehi config

http injector ehi config ehi config france server Download second config on canada server ehi config canada server

Spark vpn config spark vpn config file Download first .svc config file the second config for sparkvpn Download second .svc config file

ehi config