Gtm no load up to 9.0MBs, low ping premium server for 30days

Gtm noload ehi config

GTM no load - http injector ehi config

GTM no load faster, wifi share support 1-month. http injector ehi config file valid thirty-days with new proxy low ping for faster connection through mobile network data.

useful for this usages nd activities:

Down;load this http injector ehi config and enjoy the following features omn your internet browsing and downloading.

    Faster Downloading frominternet or using app downloaderBrowse internet faster than everWatch youtube streaming - watch online moviesUseful for facebook, instagram, telegram.. etc..

consider using one of these DNS

If yuo faced slow connection or slows browsing downloading you can try to use the following DNS or use your own custom DNS.

  • Google DNS -;
  • OpenDNS -;
  • Cloudflare DNS -;
  • else you can use your own..

| If the first ehi config not working or it is slow try both files..
your feedback is important - drop it in a comment please..

GTM no load-1month.ehi

ehi config